Sunday 30th September

Just had 1950’s pj’s altered. Bought them last year but needed new waistband. They make me feel like Doris Day “oh the Deadwood stage is a coming on over the hills ..(love that film) de..dee dee…porcupine la la…no time to delay…whip crack away…whip crack away


Saturday 18th August

Daughter’s name for her favourite teddy is “Baby Bear” which conjures up delightful image of a sweet smelling, cuddly bear.  My name for him is “Toxic Ted” which conjures up a completely different image! He is in dire need of an appointment with the washing machine. Hope he doesn’t disintegrate………….

Toxic Ted

My name is Toxic Ted!


Saturday 4th August

Husband went out this morning on a mission. I did suggest reading my book on how to construct a pond but he waved that off. He obviously knows best! I was going to mark out the hole using garden canes and the hose, but he came back with a tin of spray paint! Anybody want a bundle of bamboo and some rubber….listing now on EBay lol


This pond lark is hard work


Tuesday 31st July

Am absolutely loving small container pond which now has little wriggly bits in it. So have decided to bite the bullet and install proper pond (well…not me personally). Have lovely vision of ambient evenings with dragonflies sparkling in late summer sun, a cold glass of wine in hand and the soft plop and gulp of the goldfish! 7 yo would love it, 10 yo will fall in it. Husband is absolutely thrilled with the prospect of digging big hole in the back garden……


Husband digging pond by Little Miss age 7


Monday July 23rd

My new vintage purchase arrived today that I had ordered from Etsy.   Had seen them being advertised for a while and took the plunge and ordered them.  They are the biggest pair of tennis knickers I have ever seen!   The description said Medium to Large – these are extra large Lol.  They are 1970’s and have “Let’s Cheat” and “Smart Ass” embroidered on the bum.  Wonder if I can take them into the local dry cleaners to get them altered…