Wednesday 12th September

I do like my Wednesday evenings. It’s the only evening in the week that my husband is out. So tonight it will be time for me to catch up on #GBBO. I will ogle #PaulHollywood (he of the grey beard and piercing blue eyes….yum…..his buns look good too!). I shall treat myself to a mug of ovaltine and a #matchmaker or two (or 3 or 4….oh what the hell…..let’s eat the whole box lol…)

Wednesday 5th September

Holidaying with my 14 yo niece was certainly educational. Managed to expand my vocabulary by 2 words. Apparently you no longer say “so and so is attractive”. You have to say that they are “Peng”. Very odd! Also found out that to have “beef” with someone is not sitting down to delicious roast dinner with all the trimmings but is in fact a “confrontation”. So in the spirit of things I think Paul Hollywood is rather peng (fluttering of eyelashes and deep sigh) and I’m having “beef” with BT who always ring at inopportune moments! Lol