Wednesday 12th September

I do like my Wednesday evenings. It’s the only evening in the week that my husband is out. So tonight it will be time for me to catch up on #GBBO. I will ogle #PaulHollywood (he of the grey beard and piercing blue eyes….yum…..his buns look good too!). I shall treat myself to a mug of ovaltine and a #matchmaker or two (or 3 or 4….oh what the hell…..let’s eat the whole box lol…)

Monday 10th September

Since we got back from holiday my 7yo has found it really difficult to settle in her bedroom at night. It’s getting a trifle frustrating now. It was about 11.30 before she settled last night. Not quite sure what to do. Husband ignored it, rolled over and snored away which meant I was left on “Mum” duty. I spent about 30 mins sitting on the floor of her bedroom in the dark waiting for her to drop off. The problem is that her bedroom at home is downstairs and everyone else is upstairs. I hope it’s a phase that will pass…feeling a trifle lightheaded today as lack of sleep is not doing me any good.

Sunday 9th September

Whilst putting the washing away I got to pondering that “my smalls” were not as small as they once were. In fact my knicker coverage appears to have increased as I’ve got older.

Once upon a time my cupboard was filled with tiny lace thongs and frilly pants. Alas that is no longer the case. In fact I need more drawer space to accommodate my increasing size of “drawers”.

My preference these days is for the fuller cut brief. The pants that hold everything in and gives support in the right places. Ones that keep your bum warm, your bits covered and tummy supported. Let’s face it you can hardly tuck a vest into a thong can you?

So my days of flicking lovingly through the Agent Provocateur catalogue are long gone. Now I like to settle down with Damart….and a glass of sherry…………

Friday 7th September

Popped down the road this morning to the Post Office. Had usual trawl of the charity shops as that is all that we have apart from Hairdressers and Barbers! Tried on a really lovely dress. Fitted well, really flattering, lovely colour….only one drawback….it was a trifle see-through. Reluctantly put it back on the rack….I don’t thing the people of Buckinghamshire are quite ready to see the colour of my knickers…not yet anyway lol

Oh to be 20 again….or 30….or even 40….in fact anytime pre-kids lol

Sunday 2nd September

I think I’ve seen it all. Popped to Tesco and I see Mum from school run doing her grocery shop BAREFOOT!!!

Call me old fashioned…but really. She is from South Africa and absolutely lovely – but this is Buckinghamshire! I didn’t get lovely smooth feet by walking around the streets in bare tootsies. My feet are rather nice for someone hitting half a century….I have good teeth too….I sound like a prize heifer lol….any takers?

Saturday 1st September

My daughter and 14 yo niece were particularly helpful yesterday in reducing the number of toiletries I had to take home with me. I obviously wasn’t coming back with any shampoo but they also managed to drop my 3/4 full bottle of shower gel into the bath where it’s water content thereby increased….100 fold.

Therefore, I had no shower gel that morning which meant I had to resort to the liquid hand soap. Looked on the back apparently it has “Antibacterial properties” as well as being “ph balanced”. Hmmmm …..can get rid of the emergency Caneston then as this obviously covers all bases lol…..

Then discovered that husband had been particularly helpful in packing the rest of my toiletries away….safely stored….in the back of the car….the night before! That meant I had no moisturiser or deodorant. Amazingly, he had refrained from packing his own stuff! Therefore, slathered self with “Nivea” for men and liberally sprayed body spray around for a “dry and clean feel”. Thank God my toothbrush was still by the sink as who knows how I could improvise there! Lol

Tuesday 28th August

Sharing a bathroom whilst on holiday with teenage niece does take you back. She’s managed to use my whole new bottle of shampoo in the space of 10 days. So decided to pilfer her conditioner tee hee hee. Hair smelt absolutely lovely lol.

The first couple of days noticed my razor wasn’t where I left it! Cheeky madam had been using mine as she’d left hers at home. Had to treat her to another one before we passed anything on to each other!

As for perfume sprays. Thought I’d walked into a boudoir! Did remind me though as to how much I used to love “White Musk” from the Bodyshop. I’ve moved on since then, Channel No 5 or White Linen is more me. It did take me back though to a childhood memory of laying in the garden in the summer and dabbing “4, 7, 11” on my temples….whilst dressed in an anorak! Well it was new and I was only 8…..

Wednesday 22nd August

Perfecting the art of the selfie is something that I’m working towards. I never seem to get it right. My sister is the queen of taking selfies but, I’ve always struggled. I never seem to hold it right. I am the proud owner of at least 3 sticks and my quest to find the perfect one continues. I had a really lovely one but it broke when I pulled my phone out of it. Since then I’ve tried to find one that suits me. I have a rose gold one to match my phone but I don’t like the telescopic bit, I’ve got another one that works ok but the top bit doesn’t fold down which makes it difficult to put in your bag. Have just bought another one but it’s a bit short. I think I’m getting there with taking the photo though. Now need to work on what’s in the background Lol.