Wednesday 15th August

Dear Mr. Tesco

Is there any chance you could start stocking some food on your shelves please or is that too much to ask? Harassed working Mums with hyper active kids sometimes like to shop at unusual times. Obviously my last visit did not coincide with your last delivery.

Once more had to pop into M&S where I came back with every flavour of tea cake available (note to self: leave ASD child at home as decision making is not his forte).

Hugs and kisses


Tuesday 7th August

Am having a “fat day” today. Hate my c-section scar on days like this as it always feels uncomfortable. Wearing lovely big pants that go over my scar and favourite, oldest pair of leggings. They are at least 20 years old but I love them…not ready to part with them just yet…although they may be “parting” from me on their own accord as the elastic is going…..

Monday 6th August

It rained last night and the body count in the pond is steadily growing. The tally so far is 6 beetles, 1 spider, 2 earwigs and a woodlouse! Backfilled the pond this evening with sand and filled it with water. Decanted most of the water from the container pond. I shall use the container as a plant pot – just need husband to drill drainage holes in it…in the same place where he blocked the holes with sealant! I’m not winning in the popularity stakes at the moment….he thinks he’s on to a promise….he’s mistaken tee hee hee

Bugs….by Little Miss age 7


Saturday 4th August

Husband went out this morning on a mission. I did suggest reading my book on how to construct a pond but he waved that off. He obviously knows best! I was going to mark out the hole using garden canes and the hose, but he came back with a tin of spray paint! Anybody want a bundle of bamboo and some rubber….listing now on EBay lol


This pond lark is hard work