Thursday 30th August

The last day of a lovely holiday. Went back to Daymer Bay and walked back to the little church in the dunes. Played boule and quoits on the sand. Lovely sister took my daughter body boarding and had a whale of a time. Now having glass of red and a Pringle or two…will drink the rest of the bottle tonight as can’t take it home with me.

Wednesday 29th August

Whenever we are on holiday I do like to take in a bit of history. This means that I drag the kids round numerous churches, castles and ruins. The amount of times my kids have been to Binham Priory is nobody’s business. They can navigate to that site blindfolded. Today decided to take in massive monolith. To get there had to drive down very narrow lanes – I was not the most popular family member by the time we got there. By the time my sister has stepped in something most unsavoury I was even less so lol. Surprisingly the site was deserted!! Stayed there about 10 mins having an “Outlander” moment…but then again my name is Clair…. tried to “port” into Episode 9 …..May be a while lol

Thursday 23rd August

A traditional summer holiday in England isn’t traditional unless you’ve squeezed yourself into your swimming costume in full sight of all the other beach goers! Fortunately I have a tent and I’ve perfected the art of stripping off under my beach robe. Mission accomplished I am now attractively attired in swim dress which makes me look like 1950s housewife. Feeling rather attractive I saunter about the beach playing boule and trying to throw quoits in an attractive way. Oh God, 7 yo now wants to body board. I saunter back to the tent and attempt to pull on wet suit in an elegant way. Much jumping up and down and tugging of rubber ensues. (Perhaps I should have bought some talc with me lol). I end up with unattractive roll round the middle where skirt of 1950’s style swim dress is bunched up! I head to the water and spend next 30 mins pushing and pulling 7 yo around in 2 foot of water. Another nice relaxing day at the beach….

Tuesday 21st August

Lovely day spent on the beach. Visited St. Enedoc first. There was some filming taking place. An independent company filming a piece for the 100th centenary of the cessation of WW1. There are 3 war graves there, one of which is of an unknown sailor. Beautiful setting. Last time I visited was about 8 years ago and my small son was running around the graveyard. I remember feeling rather cross but at that time I didn’t realise he has ASD and ADHD. He was still manic today but he loves going round Churches and old ruins.