To Holt and Back

My son has ADHD. I am not sure if he finds it exhausting but I certainly do.   He seems to be most active in the evening! This usually takes the form of an energetic gymnastic display consisting of leaping from chair to chair and then a big jump to the settee then back again. This is all performed with his tablet clamped to his ear playing the same piece of music for about 20 minutes. This event occurs most evenings and is perfectly timed for when we are trying to sit down and watch University Challenge or Mastermind (Husband’s choice.  I get to watch what I want when he’s out! I do like to encourage him to go out as much as possible!)

We tend to holiday in Norfolk each year and we love Continue reading


It can’t be often that you get inspiration from watching the Eurovision Song Contest. But that is what happened to me. It really was a lightbulb moment!

When I went to bed that night I had this overwhelming desire to write a poem about my little girl. It wasn’t a very good one. I hadn’t written anything since school and that was a long, long time ago. I then thought I can’t leave Samuel out so I wrote another poem. This one was much better. It isn’t very “deep” it just captures a snapshot in time. Which is really what it was. It was a memory of my boy on holiday playing in the rock pools.

If you like it let me know. If you write as well leave a comment.


Sun gleamed head
thrown back,
with delight.
gold strands,
catching light.
Amber eyes;
emerald flecks.
Skyward slanting;
sandy specked.
Sand pool.
Seaweed trimmed.
Lime-lichened stones,
limpet rimmed.
My Neptune of the beach;
Enthralled by sea-drops
brilliant dance.
plays across his hands.
Rainbowed prisms,
cascading down.
An innocent delight
In natural jewels.
by the sun-warmed pool.