Tuesday 18th September

I hate the school run. It’s not the going to school it’s the coming back….with all the clutter. We have book bags, rucksack, lunch boxes, coats and jumpers. And who ends up carrying them….ME. I tend to use my little run around for the school run which is only 3 doors. I then have to heave myself as elegantly as possible into the back of the car to sort out seatbelts. My neighbour gets a real treat night and morning lol…..

One thought on “Tuesday 18th September

  1. Zena Baker says:

    This is where you’ve got it wrong my lovely daughter. When Nanny does the pick up, not very often I must admit, there is now way she is going to become even on a temporary basis, a clothes / bags horse. She is very adamant, your coat / books / lunch boxes, you carry. No point in dropping it on the floor either, because that’s where it will stay. Explain that to mummy. Obviously we have a lot of moaning and groaning before we get back to the car but at least I’m not carrying it. OOOH what a nasty Nanny

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