Saturday 1st September

My daughter and 14 yo niece were particularly helpful yesterday in reducing the number of toiletries I had to take home with me. I obviously wasn’t coming back with any shampoo but they also managed to drop my 3/4 full bottle of shower gel into the bath where it’s water content thereby increased….100 fold.

Therefore, I had no shower gel that morning which meant I had to resort to the liquid hand soap. Looked on the back apparently it has “Antibacterial properties” as well as being “ph balanced”. Hmmmm …..can get rid of the emergency Caneston then as this obviously covers all bases lol…..

Then discovered that husband had been particularly helpful in packing the rest of my toiletries away….safely stored….in the back of the car….the night before! That meant I had no moisturiser or deodorant. Amazingly, he had refrained from packing his own stuff! Therefore, slathered self with “Nivea” for men and liberally sprayed body spray around for a “dry and clean feel”. Thank God my toothbrush was still by the sink as who knows how I could improvise there! Lol

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