Tuesday 28th August

Sharing a bathroom whilst on holiday with teenage niece does take you back. She’s managed to use my whole new bottle of shampoo in the space of 10 days. So decided to pilfer her conditioner tee hee hee. Hair smelt absolutely lovely lol.

The first couple of days noticed my razor wasn’t where I left it! Cheeky madam had been using mine as she’d left hers at home. Had to treat her to another one before we passed anything on to each other!

As for perfume sprays. Thought I’d walked into a boudoir! Did remind me though as to how much I used to love “White Musk” from the Bodyshop. I’ve moved on since then, Channel No 5 or White Linen is more me. It did take me back though to a childhood memory of laying in the garden in the summer and dabbing “4, 7, 11” on my temples….whilst dressed in an anorak! Well it was new and I was only 8…..

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