Thursday 23rd August

A traditional summer holiday in England isn’t traditional unless you’ve squeezed yourself into your swimming costume in full sight of all the other beach goers! Fortunately I have a tent and I’ve perfected the art of stripping off under my beach robe. Mission accomplished I am now attractively attired in swim dress which makes me look like 1950s housewife. Feeling rather attractive I saunter about the beach playing boule and trying to throw quoits in an attractive way. Oh God, 7 yo now wants to body board. I saunter back to the tent and attempt to pull on wet suit in an elegant way. Much jumping up and down and tugging of rubber ensues. (Perhaps I should have bought some talc with me lol). I end up with unattractive roll round the middle where skirt of 1950’s style swim dress is bunched up! I head to the water and spend next 30 mins pushing and pulling 7 yo around in 2 foot of water. Another nice relaxing day at the beach….

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