Wednesday 25th July

The kids may be on summer holidays….but unfortunately I’m not.  Started my day in usual way by quickly making delicious mug of instant coffee. This was followed by quickly jumping in the shower. At 7.30 a.m I quickly commenced on the family’s ironing to be followed at 8.00 a.m by quickly popping down to Tesco.  This was quickly followed by updating husband’s accounts for his business before finally commencing own full time job at 9.00 am.  During which time ensured that “snack needs” of 10 yo and 7 yo were quickly responded to. At 10.30 a.m quickly hung out the washing whilst making myself another quick mug of delicious instant coffee. 12.30 p.m quickly made lunch for one and all. During my one hour lunch break I quickly whipped up sumptuous casserole (thank you Mr. Schwartz) for dinner.  After dinner, I quickly washed up to be followed by quickly watering the plants.  Can someone please tell me when the good times are supposed to start as I sure could do with some…………………

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