A Knitted Menagerie

When I was expecting Samuel, I was overcome by the desire to knit.  I think it is part of “nesting” which many pregnant women experience!  We were living in Sussex at the time and there was a lovely wool shop situated in Burgess Hill.  You don’t tend to find those sorts of shops very often as they did go out of fashion.  It was filled with wonderful wools and pattern books and I could spend a very happy morning  browsing. Unfortunately, it caught fire one day and is no longer there.  I was due to have an amniocentesis test.  As I knew I would need to rest for a few days after, I bought a number of pattern books and lots of lovely wool to start knitting for my baby.   I started making a beautiful blanket in soft, cream Aran wool.  It had a leaf pattern and you knitted lots of little squares to sew them all together.  I also made Samuel a number of little cardigans and socks in various pastel colours as I had no idea as to whether I was expecting a girl or boy.

By the time Lydia arrived, I was fed up with knitting clothes, mainly because I can never get the tension right. So I moved on to soft toys – so much easier!  I started with a snake, then progressed to crocodile (snake with legs!), zebra, monkey and elephant.  And then I discovered crotchet and was hooked!  That is when Stewart the Minion joined the family on Lydia’s 5th birthday.

Animals patterns from “Knitted Wild Animals” by Sarah Keen. Minion pattern by AradiyaToys


2 thoughts on “A Knitted Menagerie

  1. Do you remember caveman I made for your brother. I made you two pom poms then of course there was the 3 little kittens sets. I sat up nights making sure I got them finished in time. I made the 3 of you matching zip up cardigans only just getting those done in time for our memorable holiday on the boat! I had one to match. The evening I finished them we rushed out and bought fish and chips as a treat….


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