Haiku for Lydia

At this time of year, most parents are on tenterhooks waiting to receive the dreaded school report. What will it say? Will it be positive or filled with doom and gloom?

I am fortunate to say that both my kids have had very good reports but it is my little girl’s one which has touched me. Lydia is 6 and will shortly be moving up to Year 2 in September. She is the youngest of my two so has always grown up aware that Samuel processes information in a different way.

At the end of the school report there is always space left for the class teacher to add the personal comments, hopefully praising the characteristics and achievement of your child! “Kind, considerate, responsible, compassionate, mature” are the words that have been used to describe my little girl (stop for proud Mummy moment!) But the phrase that I was drawn to was “Lydia understands compromise”.

That one phrase brought me to a standstill and made me think – why is it that my little girl, the youngest in our family understands the concept of compromise? But the truth is that she has been brought up in a family in which having to compromise is imbedded into everyday life. Lydia is the sibling of an autistic child. She is familiar with the requests we make of her “Lydia would you mind if Samuel…..”; “Lydia could you let Samuel…” “Lydia, we can’t go to the park today because Samuel…..” Concessions made to avoid those meltdowns that parents and carers of autistic children are all too familiar with.

Lydia does have an understanding of Samuel’s condition. She will say that the reason that he is doing something is because he has autism. She also has had to cope with a lot. There are times where Samuel has pushed her, or said cruel words to her because he is unable to control his emotion. But there are those lovely times where he hugs her and tells her that she is “adorable” and the “best sister ever”.

My Little Miss brings joy to my heart, so my darling girl, this is a haiku written just for you. Enjoy ….

Haiku for Lydia

6 thoughts on “Haiku for Lydia

  1. This is lovely Clair. Our Little Miss is such a beautiful girl inside and out. Aunty and Uncle are so proud of you. Hugs.


  2. Another brilliant story, opening yet one more window into Clair’s world. Such a moving observation. So often, the focus is on the autistic child and not the non autistic child. I’m so interested to read this perspective and so admiring of your talent of expression and insight.


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