It’s a twin thing

I have an identical twin sister. She is just 10 minutes older than me and even at the grand old age of nearly 50 we are very much alike.

We were born at the back end of the 60’s. In those days ladies were taken in for bed rest when they had multiple births which happened to Mum. She was in hospital on “bed rest” for about a month. In those days they didn’t use ultrasound they used x-ray instead (that obviously accounts for a lot!)

As a result of being a twin, I have a habit of using the word “our” when referring to a family member. I rarely talk about “my Mum” or “my brother”. It is always “our Mum” and “our brother”. It is not an attempt to imitate a Northern dialect but rather stems back to our baby brother!  Our brother (see I can’t help it) is 3 years younger than us. When he was little and at home whilst we were at school he would always talk about “my Mum”. Because he was younger than us, we obviously had to correct him “it’s not my mum it’s our mum” we would say crossly.  We didn’t want him getting too big for his boots so we used to make him watch programmes that we liked such as “Little House on the Prairie” or making him walk through a stream in his new school shoes (sorry Lee but you didn’t have to do everything we told you to!)

When I look back at some of the photos from when we were little,   I can’t tell us apart. Fortunately Mum has very kindly written on the back “Clair left” or “Zoe right”.  Our brother has never once mixed us up although Dad always had a problem!

Zoe and I have very similar tastes and even when we have been living apart from each other we have managed to buy the same thing,  for example the same birthday card.  I remember once I was living in Devon and she was living in Surrey and we both bought the same pair of pyjamas at around the same time.

One event that springs to mind and still makes us laugh is the time we went to a craft show at London Olympia. We travelled up by train. We managed to wear the same colour coat that day and we both had the same handbag style rucksack. We had bought them in the same place at the same time, and although the same style they were different colours.

On the train journey up to London we were aware of a woman sitting opposite who kept looking at us.   Staring frankly!  She obviously thought we had dressed the same on purpose.  As we neared our station, both my sister and I pulled our purses out of our bags to get our tickets out. The woman opposite nearly had apoplexy. Her eyes were out on stalks for our purses were identical to a “T”………….

Clair Left and Zoe right

4 thoughts on “It’s a twin thing

  1. I love hearing about what twins think being twins is like. I always wonder if identical twins think they look like each other. When you look at your sister do you recognise yourself? Or do you think you’re looking at someone totally different?


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