Thoughts of Father’s Day

My son was a Beaver.  As part of the scouting movement we do attend the traditional CofE services to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the Christingle service.   We attend a beautiful little church which sits in a very quiet, tiny hamlet.

My son always finds it very difficult to sit still during these services.  I always like to sit at the front, so the four of us sit crammed into the small wooden pews.  I like to have Samuel with me, wedged into the corner.  I am not sure if it is sacrilegious or not but I always have plenty of snacks and drinks for him.   However, if you’ve ever attended an event where your Autistic child with ADHD has to sit still for a long time, I think you would go readily supplied too.   So, my two kids sit there munching crisps and guzzling Fruit Shoots whilst I sit with a fixed grin smiling at the Vicar.   Fortunately, they know us well.

Last year we were introduced to the new trainee Vicar.  He was making his debut sermon at one of the Beaver Services.  I am not quite sure what he expected but I am sure it wasn’t the four of us sitting in the cheap seats.  At least it was memorable, I did utter the immortal words “autism” and “ADHD” as we shook hands at the door and scurried out.  However, it was his own fault.  I appreciate it’s good to appeal to a younger audience but, talking about Darth Vader and Light Sabres is a recipe for disaster.

All the Beavers get a chance at some stage to read in church.   One Father’s Day it was Samuel’s turn.  Akela emailed the Mum’s of the chosen Beavers and sent out a selection of poems that we could choose for our child to read.  I was a bit slow off the mark and by the time I got to read the email and the poems, the other Mum’s had chosen the best ones.  I was left with the sentimental, slushy ones which certainly do not resemble me or my family.

I was furious.  How dare those other Mum’s chose the best poems especially when MY husband is a BEAVER LEADER.  Hackles rose …… so I decided to write my own.   It didn’t take me long and is certainly not worthy of “The Nation’s Favourite”.  But, Akela loved it and printed it off for the scout hut.  My husband loved it and oh joy!  I could see the green gleam of envy reflected in the other Mum’s eyes.

So here you go, enjoy…………

My Dad

Dad’s come in all different shapes and sizes.
Mine has grey hair and is full of surprises.
He takes me to school and puts me to bed.
He laughs at my jokes and the stories we’ve read.
He makes me feel safe at the end of the day,
When we snuggle up close from an evening of play.
I love you Dad for the things that you do,
And when I grow up I’ll be just like YOU!

Me and my Dad

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