Embracing Hygge

Have you heard of Hygge? It is fabulous. It is the Danish concept of contentment and comfort. I am now a convert. I’ve bought the book and everything! I am now avidly crocheting lots of blankets and throws to give my 1950’s built house that feeling of warmth and cosiness in my quest to replicate Denmark in Buckinghamshire!

It seems to me a great opportunity to slob around in the evenings in my jim-jams and woolly socks, scoffing the remains of the chocolate trifle and glugging back lots of wine. I’m not quite winceyette in the bedroom but it is heading that way!

The other day my Hygge experience was interrupted by the doorbell. Why people insist on calling round at 8.30 in the evening is beyond me. Like an idiot I opened it to the young couple next door. Imagine their surprise to be greeted by their middle aged neighbour dressed in her fluffy white onesie complete with pompom bunny tail and bear ears, visibly quaffing back a large glass of the old vino. Apparently, they’ve decided to move!

To add to the ambience in the living room, I bought a special crackly candle to give the effect of a real fire but on a smaller scale (a much smaller scale). It was rather expensive but is supposed to last for hours. I wanted to bring the “outside in”.   There were many different scents to choose from such as Misty Lake, Forest Glen, Grassy Valley to name but a few. I chose “Evening Bonfire”.    Now my house smells like a damp October evening when next door have lit a bonfire. Steve!!!   (cough, cough, splutter, splutter) open the window!!!!!!!!


A glass for me and a glass for my imaginary friend. Glug!

11 thoughts on “Embracing Hygge

  1. I am going to have to buy a book too – Hygee sounds great! I was smiling at the outfit of a fluffy white onesie with a pom pom bunny tail and bunnie ears 🙂


  2. The pronunciation escapes me and I vote to call it Huggy in the UK because that’s how I read it anyway. It has a certain comforting element to it, I think.


  3. I’ll embrace anything that involves slobbing around in my jarmies, drinking wine – I don’t care how it’s pronounced lol! So, had your neighbours decided to move before or after their innocent knocking on the door was answered by a pickled Bugs Bunny? 🙂 PS love your wine glasses x


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