To Holt and Back

My son has ADHD. I am not sure if he finds it exhausting but I certainly do.   He seems to be most active in the evening! This usually takes the form of an energetic gymnastic display consisting of leaping from chair to chair and then a big jump to the settee then back again. This is all performed with his tablet clamped to his ear playing the same piece of music for about 20 minutes. This event occurs most evenings and is perfectly timed for when we are trying to sit down and watch University Challenge or Mastermind (Husband’s choice.  I get to watch what I want when he’s out! I do like to encourage him to go out as much as possible!)

We tend to holiday in Norfolk each year and we love to spend a morning travelling on the steam train which runs from Sheringham through to Holt and back again. It is part of the North Norfolk Railway and a trip on The Poppy Line is now a bit of a family tradition.   There is something about steam trains and if you convert any photo you take to black and white it’s like you’ve stepped back to the 1950’s!   All I then need is the fit and flare dress and the high heeled pumps (I already have the underwear!  ) and I will certainly look the part.

Anyway, Samuel has a lot of energy and cannot  keep still and I hope that this poem I wrote captures the excitement of a child whose attention is flitting between what is happening inside the carriage and what is occurring outside. Enjoy…………..

To Holt and Back

Clickety clack, clickety clack
Racing along the railway track.
Through the fields, past the sea
Mummy, Daddy, Nanny and me.

To Holt and back, to Holt and back.
The picnic is up in the luggage rack.
Look at the tractor, green and grey
And there’s the farmer baling hay.

What can I eat, what can I eat?
I’m bouncing and jumping all over my seat.
The engine is hissing and letting out steam,
As I wave to the golfers down on the green.

Will you sit down, will you sit down.
Dad’s getting cross, Mum’s wearing a frown.
Wait at the station, at a standstill.
Then on past the windmill up on the hill.

Look at the sea, look at the sea.
Can I have Kit-Kat and crisps for tea?
I open a window as we rush by
To watch the smoke curl up to the sky.

Rickety rack, rickety rack.
The train turns round, on our way back.
It’s home again for toast and tea,
Mummy, Daddy, Nanny and me.



Mummy (with Lydia)



Nanny and Me

Nanny and Me


4 thoughts on “To Holt and Back

  1. Lovely poem, it brings back the memories of our trips on the steam train. Getting out at Holt, having our picnic lunch, visiting the little shop. Then back again to Sheringham. It is so Olde Worlde but we just love it.


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