Dealing with Exclusion

How would you feel if your child was excluded from school? Most parents would feel devastated.  Unfortunately, it is an experience that many parents of autistic children go through and one that I am bitterly familiar with.

My son has been excluded from school twice.   My feelings on these occasions have always been complete devastation mixed with defeat, depression and failure. These are feelings that parents of autistic children face frequently.   I do not know if schools recognise the impact this sanction has on families who face challenges on a regular basis. Challenges that many parents don’t have to face.

I am not sure what schools are hoping to achieve when they use exclusion as a disciplinary measure for children with ASD. My son was only 6 Continue reading

Embracing Hygge

Have you heard of Hygge? It is fabulous. It is the Danish concept of contentment and comfort. I am now a convert. I’ve bought the book and everything! I am now avidly crocheting lots of blankets and throws to give my 1950’s built house that feeling of warmth and cosiness in my quest to replicate Denmark in Buckinghamshire!

It seems to me a great opportunity to slob around in the evenings in my jim-jams and woolly socks, scoffing the remains of the chocolate trifle and glugging back lots of wine. I’m not quite winceyette in the bedroom but it is heading that way!

The other day my Hygge Continue reading

To Holt and Back

My son has ADHD. I am not sure if he finds it exhausting but I certainly do.   He seems to be most active in the evening! This usually takes the form of an energetic gymnastic display consisting of leaping from chair to chair and then a big jump to the settee then back again. This is all performed with his tablet clamped to his ear playing the same piece of music for about 20 minutes. This event occurs most evenings and is perfectly timed for when we are trying to sit down and watch University Challenge or Mastermind (Husband’s choice.  I get to watch what I want when he’s out! I do like to encourage him to go out as much as possible!)

We tend to holiday in Norfolk each year and we love Continue reading