Thoughts of Mother’s Day

There are certain scents that take you back and bring to the fore deep rooted memories. For me the scent of daffodils always reminds me of the Mother’s Day service in Church. My sister and I were both in Brownies and attending Church Parade each month was a regular occurrence. I remember best the Mother’s Day service, where all the children would be given small posies of bright springtime flowers to give to their Mum.  The scent of the daffodils would fill the church and their smell is always a reminder to me of that time.

Too often now, I see adverts for the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day; luxury goods to show how much you care.   Growing up in the 70’s my sister Continue reading

Horsing Around

At the age of 47 I took up a new interest…………horse-riding. Since September of last year, Lydia has been having lessons. I’ve really enjoyed taking her and the ladies at the stable are lovely. In fact I was enjoying it so much I was determined to give it a go.  I had some lessons 25 years ago, but never got on well. This time was going to be different.

In my imagination I see myself competently taking my pony over the jumps, long hair blowing in the wind (mine not the pony’s) as I canter across a sandy beach, bottom pert, thighs toned. Then reality kicks in. Continue reading

Pulling The Rug Out

There are some times when I feel everything is working out well and then something occurs that pulls the rug out from under me.

My son was a Beaver and is now a Cub and the transition has been rather bumpy. Samuel tends to get overwhelmed in certain situations.

Recently there was an incident at Cubs and I had to go and collect him. He was dreadfully upset. Samuel finds team games, turn-taking and losing very difficult. If he is “caught out” or if he perceives a slight then he can have a major meltdown.   I did offer to stay with him if he wanted to stay on but he was adamant that he wanted to go home. Then once at home he became terribly upset because he wanted to go back. I never try “to win” in these situations.   The best approach Continue reading