Legoland Lemming

Being a member of the NAS can have a lot of benefits. One of which are the trips they arrange for families with autistic children. On one occasion we were able to go to the London Science Museum. It was an early start but, the Museum were running their “Early Bird” session which meant for 2 hours in the morning the museum was open just to those families who were attending as part of a Special Needs group. Fantastic – it means no queuing!

At the beginning of December, we went to Legoland. Samuel has wanted to go for ages and we have never taken him because queuing would always be a problem. Lydia went there earlier in the summer as part of a school trip which did not go down well with Junior as you can imagine.   Anyway, the first Sunday in December was a day for families with special needs which was great.   No queuing!

I was very happy being in charge of the camera and taking videos as I hate rides of any sort. Therefore, I am not quite sure why I followed my family (like a little lemming) onto the Swing Boat.  I was most concerned about having to leave my handbag on the side. As I had the tickets to see Father Christmas later in the afternoon, I was certainly not leaving my purse and phone around. A minor domestic then ensued. Once ensconced on the swing boat with the bar firmly in place, I squashed my phone in my pocket and stuffed my purse up my jumper.   Then we started to swing! I kept my eyes tight shut the whole time as I absolutely hated it. At the first swing I let out an almighty scream “I hate it, I hate it, I want to get off”.  My screaming continued for most of the ride until husband told me to calm down and open my eyes. I then moved into the “talk to myself to calm down mode”. “It’s ok, you’re fine, you’re fine” I reassured myself whilst taking deep breaths that would not have been out of place in the labour ward.  I wobbled off the ride at the end to collapse on a bench and then rushed off in search of coffee!

Twenty minutes later, I found myself in the queue for the roller coaster!  Not sure what came over me.  Fortunately the one at Legoland is only a baby one – not that far off the ground but I kept my eyes shut all the time!  Lesson learned – now I know why I don’t like fairground rides. Kids had a ball though!


One thought on “Legoland Lemming

  1. Having a Grandson who has ADHD and Autism its very important from a Grandparent view to be as supportive and be guided by the parents on how to handle difficult situations. I don’t go in for many of my peers who seem to think their Grandchildren (can’t stand the word Grandkids) are so perfect!! In their dreams. We have lovely times, we also have not so good ones but at the end of the day, I myself could not wish for a more bright, loving and interesting Grandson. Only Grandmother standing in the school playground one wet and cold Monday morning having the rainbow spectrum being scientifically explained to me by a 6 and half year old. Left my head spinning. Needed to go home and lie down in a darkened room. Now at 9 he is wading his way through the latest version of the Guinness Book of Records. Wonder what he will teach me next, I can’t wait………


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