Big Knicker Debate

Recently we had a farewell lunch to say goodbye to a much loved boss. As you can imagine with lots of women around the table the conversation quickly deteriorated. “50 Shades” has got nothing on a group of women out for lunch. Anyway, I can’t quite remember how we got onto the subject but I did share with my work colleagues that for me one of the best bits about being pregnant was being able to wear big Knickers.   The choice that you are faced with in the knicker department when pregnant are either ones that go over your bump or those that go under your bump. I opted for over the bump! Not only snug, but secure and safe too! In fact you can easily tuck your vest in to keep your back warm!   In fact it was an underwear style I liked so much I decided to stick with it. So it is goodbye Agent Provocateur and hello Damart. Now where did I put that catalogue………

My days of wearing a thong are long gone! I’m a full coverage girl now!



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