Tiny Tears, Baby Annabell and …ummm Chucky!

Back in December an elderly neighbour gave us a ring. He had some old dolls that belonged to his late wife and did the children want them? Well, you can’t really say no can you. Diligently I took Lydia round to see Uncle Clive. There on the kitchen table were a number of dolls laid out……. all of them large.  “Take what you want” said Uncle Clive. Lydia’s eyes lit up at this. I staggered back over the garden wall laden down with what seemed a tonne of dollies. Tiny Tears and Baby Annabell they are not. One of them is at least 18 inches tall. Lydia’s name for her is ”Daisy”. My name for her is “Chucky”.

Chucky’s first night with her new family was spent in the car. I’m sorry but I don’t do dolls, never have done. Cuddly, fluffy toys are more my thing.   My imagination was running riot and as Chucky was making me feel uncomfortable she had to go! Steve put her in the car, strapped her in (clunk, click every trip!) and then double locked the car (to be on the safe side!).  She looked Continue reading

Leaving a Blueprint

There is no denying the fact that I am an older mum. I was 38 when I had Samuel and 42 when Lydia arrived.   As a result I am very conscious of the age difference between myself and my children. This normally manifests itself in how tired I feel! They say that you become more aware of the passing of time as you get older and I have found that to be very true. I have this urge to make the most of everything and to try new experiences. What has become increasingly important to me is in creating memories that will live on as my family folklore. I have a real desire to create those “do you remember” moments for my children for when I am long gone.

I have always been a fairly creative person and in the past few years my main activity has been crochet!  That is for grannies I hear you smirk! But I think crochet (and the same can be said for knitting) is making a comeback. I hope to teach my daughter to knit as my Mum taught me. But, I taught myself to crochet.

I find it very therapeutic.   When I crochet I can’t think of anything else – just the pattern and the shape that is evolving under my hands as I work. It is also so quick and easy to make up.  I have had far more success with crochet Continue reading

Legoland Lemming

Being a member of the NAS can have a lot of benefits. One of which are the trips they arrange for families with autistic children. On one occasion we were able to go to the London Science Museum. It was an early start but, the Museum were running their “Early Bird” session which meant for 2 hours in the morning the museum was open just to those families who were attending as part of a Special Needs group. Fantastic – it means no queuing!

At the beginning of December, we went to Legoland. Samuel has wanted to go for ages and we have never taken him because queuing would always be a problem. Lydia went there earlier in the summer as part of a school trip which did not go down well with Junior as you can imagine.   Anyway, the first Sunday in December was a day for families with special needs which was great.   No queuing!

I was very happy being in charge of the camera and taking videos as I hate rides of any sort. Therefore, I am not quite sure why I followed my family (like a little lemming) onto the Swing Boat.  I was most concerned Continue reading

Big Knicker Debate

Recently we had a farewell lunch to say goodbye to a much loved boss. As you can imagine with lots of women around the table the conversation quickly deteriorated. “50 Shades” has got nothing on a group of women out for lunch. Anyway, I can’t quite remember how we got onto the subject but I did share with my work colleagues that for me one of the best bits about being pregnant was being able to wear big Knickers.   The choice that you are faced with in the knicker department when pregnant are either ones that go over your bump or those that go under your bump. I opted for over the bump! Not only snug, but secure and safe too! In fact you can easily tuck your vest in to keep your back warm!   In fact it was an underwear style I liked so much I decided to stick with it. So it is goodbye Agent Provocateur and hello Damart. Now where did I put that catalogue………

My days of wearing a thong are long gone! I’m a full coverage girl now!