The Importance Of Planning

Never underestimate the importance of planning. This is particularly important when planning any event involving a 5 year old, a “tweenie” and a child on the spectrum.   This is where you put all those skills from those long forgotten training courses at work into practice. You know the type of skills – the ones you think you will never use. Well think again!

Before each family outing I have a vision of how it is going to go. The type of vision that mirrors the perfect family outing that you see televised on the Christmas adverts. Everyone trooping back into the house with lovely smiley faces from a beautiful long walk, happy smiles, glowing faces! Experience has taught me not to mix fantasy with reality as then you won’t be disappointed!   Reality usually consists of winging, whining, shouting and the adults longing to go home after the first 10 minutes.

After one particular fractious outing (we were only going for lovely walk in a nature reserve in Norfolk), my sister and I have decided to carry out a thorough analysis of the proposed event and plan for every eventuality that can go wrong.  That way we can then be equipped in advance and have a ready solution to the problem in hand!

We have also found that planning for after the event is as equally important as planning for the event. I quite favour a nice dry Sauvignon Blanc perhaps a Chablis or if I’m feeling “flush” I may even treat myself to a Sancerre. My sister tends to favour a Chardonnay. But whatever takes your fancy the big decision is wine bottle v’s wine box . Quality v’s quantity ! In any case, find a nice quiet room, relax and start planning for the next day out!

Mum’s united (a bit like a football team but with more players!)

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