Friday 5th October

Everyone is out so catching up on new guilty pleasure…..”Tattoo Fixers”. I’m working my way backwards. I’ve started on series 5 and am now on series 4. Everyone seems to have gone on holiday to Magaluf. I’ve never been. It’s obviously the tattoo capital for getting something that you later regret. Will not be going there anytime soon…

Thursday 4th October

I have a Fitbit. I’ve had it for a year and I really love it. Before I went on holiday the strap broke. The lead time on ordering a proper Fitbit strap was about 2 – 3 weeks so I thought I’d order it when I got home. I placed the order on 1st September. Yesterday I cancelled it as after contacting the support team I was told another 2 -3 weeks. Ordered lovely rose gold one on Amazon which arrived in 24 hrs. Even if it lasts a few months I’ll be happy. It was a quarter of the cost of the original one and that only lasted a year.


Sunday 30th September

Just had 1950’s pj’s altered. Bought them last year but needed new waistband. They make me feel like Doris Day “oh the Deadwood stage is a coming on over the hills ..(love that film) de..dee dee…porcupine la la…no time to delay…whip crack away…whip crack away